Imagine being able to hear the sound of a stone being thrown into the water, being able to hear each ripple, wave after wave. Then imagine that sound being carried into the very air you breathe as it permeates the cells in your body. This is how sound works.  Sound is a vibration moving through the air that stays in our universe forever.  Your body reacts to sound waves whether your ears hear the sound or not.  Imagine someone who yells in anger, or screams in pain. Those vibrations hang in the air like thick pockets of smog.  If we are to believe that darkness is the absence of light then we must also believe an angry, painful, torturous sound is thick, heavy and dark.

Let’s consciously think of someone or something we love and offer up a joyful breath…we will bring light waves of sound vibration where darkness exists.  Help us heal the universe …. lift up your voice in a heart- centered breath and heal the world – one note at a time.

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