Good day and welcome to I am so excited to be sharing this awesome kind and loving act with you, my brothers and sisters. How joyful to know that in a few short months, we will finally be able to feel a vibrating connection with each other around the world. For the first time ever, I will be heard, I will be part of change, I will be a healer, you will be heard, you will be part of change, you will be a healer. Our heart-felt voice, lifted up as a song, a prayer a message, will literally be felt by everyone and everything.

I am so excited. I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Have you ever been walking or riding somewhere and all of a sudden you felt as though you just walked or rode through something thick? Almost like… if you could see what the something was… it would look like a dark cloud, like exhaust fumes from an oil-burner. That something is dark energy from violence, pain, pessimism. Now imagine walking, riding or better yet…. imagine being in an airplane…. and all of a sudden…. swoosh…. what was that? and everyone gasps or giggles…. and the pilot comes on the intercom and says, “nothing to worry about folks, we just flew through a LOVE NOTE”. Now everyone is feeling lighter, loved, joyful. That something is Light Energy! I’m smiling just thinking about it!

Imagine being part of something so powerful it could heal you, your family, your community, your country, our world.

Who am I? I am you… a man/woman, I was a child, I was a tween, I was a teen-ager, I was an adult, I am a senior citizen, I am a wife/husband, I am a mother/father, I am a grandmother/grandfather, I am a daughter/son, I am a sister/brother, I am an/a Aunt/Uncle, I am a niece/nephew, I am a cousin, I am a friend, I am a healer, I am AKindHuman being.  I can’t wait to start seeing your posts, your videos, your LoveNote321 clubs. This is our website, our time. so gather your friends together and have fun practicing for the big NOTE. Be sure to upload your videos and share your posts with our community.

Now for those of us who tend to shy away from the crowd or are feeling – not – so happy…this is especially for you. We can all participate, even in private. So if you think it might be silly but you really like the idea… follow along and belt out your notes anyhow….they all count. So, once again… welcome and Love, Light and Peace be with you today and always.

Janet M. Kevan

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