Healing HumanKind One Note At A Time

A mere fifty years ago most people knew the world as mysterious, big and scary. Today we are communicating with distant relatives in other countries! We are visiting lands we read about in encyclopedias! We are realizing no matter where we are from, where we live now, everyone's problems are the same. Let's share our kind thoughts and voices, joining millions of other folks, just like you and you and you and me and heal our world. . . . One note at a time.  

  Janet M. Kevan

  1. What is The Love Note?

    A Love Note is a heart-centered thought coming out as breath by way of your vocal chords.

  2. One note (or thought) can heal the whole world.

    Imagine being part of something so powerful it could heal you, your family, your community, your country, our world.

  3. Gather your Love Note Singers.

    Have fun, make a club, video your club, team, choir, etc. Share the joy, the anticipation and just have fun.

  4. What is the pledge about?

    The pledge is about your commitment to lift your voice in a heart-centered way, to be A KindHuman and do the next-right-thing.

  5. Be a part of the most life-changing 30 seconds ever!

    March 21, 2015 @ 3:21 p.m. The Northern Hemisphere will Spring into Spring, Southern Hemisphere will Fall into Fall. But everyone will answer the Call…to heal HumanKind one note at a time.

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